Inside/Out - Annandale Drawing Group

 24  February - 4 March 2022    

Liz Haddad, Jacqueline Edwards, Jan Nabben, Santiago Diaz, Patrick Connelly, Slida Trainor, Gwynedd Iliffe, Alan Rozen, Bernice Melville, Ros Lajoie, Margie Beale, Barbara Aroney, Zan Tabart, Harold Hisae

Alan Rozen

Barbara Aroney

Gwynedd Iliffe

Jan Nabben

Liz Haddad

Margie Beale

Patrick Connelly

Ros Lajoie

Santiago Diaz

Slida Tranor

Bernice Melville

Zan Tabart

© copyright for these images remains with the artists

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