Flying Islands Benefit show

 10 - 16 February 2022

Artworks by

Carol Archer, Angie Contini, Anna Couani, Yannis Dramitinos, Ann Leahy, Alan Jefferies, Dylan Jones, Kit Kelen, Shannon Lewis, Beatrice Machet, Chris Mansell, Hilik Mirankar, Diann Payne, Fiona Polkinghorne, Brian Purcell, Virginia Shepherd, Kerri Shying, Lou Smith, Sarah St Vincent Welch, Richard Tipping

books to be launched on Zoom at 2pm Saturday 12 February by

Morgan Bell, Anna Couani, Laurie Duggan, Daniel Ionita, Alan Jefferies, Brian Purcell, Jane Skelton, Sarah St Vincent Welch

Virginia Shepherd

Angie Contini

Brian Purcell

Hilik Mirankar

Anna Couani

Carol Archer

Dylan Jones

Sarah St Vincent Welch

Kit Kelen's studio

© copyright for these artworks remains with the artists

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