Desdemona Foster & Foster de Waal


1-8 February 2016

Desdemona Foster

My work engages a community narrative of memory, experience and observation. I work across medium, technique, usually in a limited in palette and have a preoccupation with structure and form. The simplicity of subject combined with an obsession for repetition show a compulsion and my desire to convey ‘the important’ even though the works have an unassuming quality.

Foster De Waal

The meditative process of painting reflects my inner state at the time of painting and allows ‘the ordinary’, random and complex to evolve. The nature of paint and its movement allows me to celebrate early memories fused with objects of importance to me. My practice is studio based where I ‘distill’ a remembered image or memory influenced by music, nature and colour. I enjoy the process and solidification of what is sometimes elusive.

© copyright for the images remains with the artists

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