8 + 1 curator: William Seeto


Nola Farman, Kate Mackay, Bette Mifsud, Edwin Easydorchik, Sahar Hosseinabadi, Elke Wohlfahrt, Lynne Barwick, Barbara Halnan, Cecilia White

Eight + One is a group show with 9 artists curated by William Seeto. The selection of artists by the curator provides a reference via work that offers discourse and a means of connecting individual art practices. The selecting of artists brings together diverse practitioners, contrasts individual viewpoints, and draws work together. It offers structure by addressing different ways of working with the view to forming a cohesive exhibition.

Website for the show
Review of the show

Bette Mifsud

Nola Farman

Kate Mackay

Elke Wohlfahrt, Sahar Hosseinabadi

Lynne Barwick, Elke Wohlfahrt & Edwin Easydorchik

Barbara Halnan

Sahar Hosseinabadi

Kate Mackay

Cecilia White

Cecilia White

Kate Mackay

Edwin Easydorchik

© copyright remains with the artists

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